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One of our primary focuses at our foundation is to reduce healthcare/health-status disparities associated with underrepresented groups of people within the increasing Alzheimer's disease population. We will improve recruitment and retention of underrepresented groups, by increasing diversity and facilitating inclusion. These steps will help us identify priority factors that create and sustain AD healthcare/health-status disparities. We will accomplish this by advocating increased access to healthcare and establishing community based events that will facilitate our data collection and serve to educate and increase awareness as to the full spectrum of symptoms that occur with various comorbidities. Our data collection will facilitate interdisciplinary collaboration with different organizations to locate logistical pathways and mechanisms that alleviate healthcare/health status disparities, potentially leading to new methodologies for research, and new treatments or off-label uses. As we have learned from other medical conditions, recognizing pre-symptomatic and subclinical forms of disease is imperative, to protect against future organ damage. Comorbidities describes other illnesses interacting with Alzheimer's Disease and the effect they may have on the symptoms in an individual with Alzheimer's Disease.

Educate All Caregivers to Access Readily Available Resources
Increase Diversity & Inclusion in Alzheimer's Disease Research & Drug Development
Facilitate Interdisciplinary Collaboration
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